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Churchyard excerpts + artist Guno Park

Today’s DT – Graveyard in a Scottish town. The imposing gate structure certainly demands attention . The trick is to suggest things without overdoing them – which is a question of personal choice a lot of the time. I decided … Continue reading

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Doorway drawing + Alternative homes + decaying post-communist world photos

Today’s DT – Doorway drawing. Pen and pencil crayon. The plan is to follow my own advice and do drawings from Scotland as seen in Google Streetview every day. There are obvious short-comings in this sketch – skewed off to … Continue reading

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Virtual Ecuador, Peregrine falcons and more

Today’s DT. The little Italian paintings did not get any attention today. Instead I ran across an intriguing art site with an activiity I had to try for myself ( see Site Note below ) . So I  worked on … Continue reading

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