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Animated GIF drive thru the town of Turiff, Scotland

Today’s DT.  Drive thru Turiff. Not a drawing, but a composite of streetviews. Today I saved, formatted, converted and assembled 200+ individual streetview images into one gif file. One ‘drives’ along the roads of the town starting on one side … Continue reading

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Garden drawn in Excel ! + artist Tatsuo Horiuchi

Today’s DT.  Corner Garden, Turiff. I found this little oasis of colour in streetview a few blocks from the church drawn yesterday. Somehow today, I came upon the artist shown below who creates wow! pictures using Microsoft Excel – of … Continue reading

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Sketch of old church elements and setting

Today’s DT.  St Ninian’s and Forglen – Church of Scotland. I drew a two-page spread today to give a general view of the church for context. Streetview did not ‘go’ up the alley in front of the building so I … Continue reading

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Blink and you’d miss it + artist Tanja Gant

Today’s DT – View between houses.The section of town I had chosen in Streetview for today held some basic houses, sturdy and not ornamented. As I ‘drove’ down the street I suddenly saw that the gap between two of the … Continue reading

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Bus stop drawing + artist Stefan Bleekrode

Today’s DT – Downtown bus stop. The jagged skyline of the old buildings contrasts with the modern lines of the transit system. I like most aspects of this drawing but parts appear clunky to me, such as the bus shelter, … Continue reading

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Churchyard excerpts + artist Guno Park

Today’s DT – Graveyard in a Scottish town. The imposing gate structure certainly demands attention . The trick is to suggest things without overdoing them – which is a question of personal choice a lot of the time. I decided … Continue reading

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Drawing of little home and garden + artist Mihaela Noroc

Today’s DT – Home and garden. Showing final drawing above (5.5″x8.5″) plus the nearly final version and the  2H pencil layout below. A little home near the church in yesterday’s drawing. The photo was dark with a lot of background … Continue reading

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