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Digital Painting, Paul Klee and LA Filmmakers

Today’s DT.  Tried doing digital painting of an Italian street scene from Montefalco using an iPad app called “Brushes”. Shown is the result – took about 35 minutes. Fairly happy with using the app which I haven’t used for 4 … Continue reading

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Virtual Ecuador, Peregrine falcons and more

Today’s DT. The little Italian paintings did not get any attention today. Instead I ran across an intriguing art site with an activiity I had to try for myself ( see Site Note below ) . So I  worked on … Continue reading

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‘Reverspective’, Smithsonian American Art plus DT drawing in progress

  Today’s Artist Link. British Artist Patrick Hughes has invented  sculptured painting process he calls “Reverspective”. It is designed to confound the senses when viewed on a wall. Still images just cannot convey the impression of the real thing.  If … Continue reading

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Nature drawings, a multi-discipline demo site and first steps of a new drawing.

A small urban lake in the northeast part of our city. My wife and I went walking here and also around a second lake this afternoon as the weather was so pleasant for this time of year. We met many … Continue reading

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Contrasting art experiences plus new works-in-progress

An iPhone image of a small river winding through a nearby prairie valley in Saskatchewan, Canada.  It is now early winter, so all deciduous tress have long dropped their leaves, but serious snow has not started to fall and stay … Continue reading

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Printmaker, serendipity site and summer scene

Today after school we went with our young granddaughter to attend part of a “day of the dead” celebration hosted at the local university by students from Mexico. Very lively crowd, singing and dancing breaking out etc.. Today’s Artist Link. … Continue reading

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