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Doorway drawing + Alternative homes + decaying post-communist world photos

Today’s DT – Doorway drawing. Pen and pencil crayon. The plan is to follow my own advice and do drawings from Scotland as seen in Google Streetview every day. There are obvious short-comings in this sketch – skewed off to … Continue reading

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Cherry drawing, a cave artist and a design site with articles and freebies

Today’s DT.  Today I did pencil sketches from a photo I took of some shrivelled cherries clinging, frozen to a little branch.  Size about 6″ x 8″, ( 15 x 20 cm) Small victory.  I thought it worth a try … Continue reading

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Eagle drawings plus notes on Keene Wilson and Alyson Stanfield

Today’s DT.  Attaching a sketch of eagles I drew in our excellent provincial  natural history museum. Museums are a wonderful place to do drawings. Especially during a Canadian winter. These were done in a recent past winter, not this year. … Continue reading

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Drawings, Linocuts and designer resources

Today’s DT.  These are some  local street scenes I sketched on site in an older part of town in winter.     Details:       Today’s Artist:  Nick Morley is an really fine artist I have followed for a long … Continue reading

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Virtual Ecuador, Peregrine falcons and more

Today’s DT. The little Italian paintings did not get any attention today. Instead I ran across an intriguing art site with an activiity I had to try for myself ( see Site Note below ) . So I  worked on … Continue reading

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Printmaker, serendipity site and summer scene

Today after school we went with our young granddaughter to attend part of a “day of the dead” celebration hosted at the local university by students from Mexico. Very lively crowd, singing and dancing breaking out etc.. Today’s Artist Link. … Continue reading

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First Post

Hello visitor – Although my interests in Art are wide, I focus on drawings, paintings and some printmaking to explore themes such as these three: How people lived, dressed, posed, played a century ago bright shiny objects seen on Streetview … Continue reading

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