Churchyard excerpts + artist Guno Park

IMG_4189Today’s DT – Graveyard in a Scottish town. The imposing gate structure certainly
demands attention . The trick is to suggest things without overdoing them – which is a question of personal choice a lot of the time. I decided to break up the streetview image into a few pieces of interest for a change of pace. The hardest thing was freehanding the arches to be fairly symmetrical. I got three new pens today, providing a variety of line widths. The best “view” in the internet image was through the gate with the centred pathway, but it’s pretty tiny on Google.
( ALL of my drawings in January, are from Google streetview of a little town called Turiff, Scotland. )

Today’s Artist. Guno Park

GunoPark_Jan08Mr. Park makes superb drawings in ballpoint pen, drawing pens,  pencil – many drawing media.

  Tumblr is where much of his work online can be found. and also his site and related blogs.
Try just Googling his images – You will get many varied, high-quality works since he exhibits in several galleries and group shows.  The image shown above has these tags:  #ballpointpen #colerasepencil #scarletred #laguki #drawing

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Drawing of little home and garden + artist Mihaela Noroc

IMG_4185Today’s DT – Home and garden. Showing final drawing above (5.5″x8.5″) plus the nearly final version and the  2H pencil layout below. A little home near the church in yesterday’s drawing. The photo was dark with a lot of background foliage which would have been possible, but not that interesting. I did not want to overplay the darks in the trees behind the house nor did I want to draw the lawns or the roadway with relatively heavy cross-hatching etc. or we submerge the modest home and lose details such as the plantings around the periphery of the house. I think the final, darker picture is actually better balance of values than the penultimate one below. I was pretty happy with the massive central hedge – does not overwhelm, looks fairly convincing as foliage and kind of makes one want to peep over it into the yard around the house. ( ALL of my drawings this month, are from a little town called Turiff, Scotland. )



Today’s Artist: Mihaela Noroc

This is her fascinating site:   These are her words about her work, one example of which is shown below:

“I’m a 30 years old photographer from Bucharest, Romania. I love to travel and I visited more than 60 countries until now, with my backpack and my camera.

” I like modern boulevards from Tokyo, the diversity of NYC but also remote communities, where locals live as 200 years ago and I can sleep in their homes.

 ” I love to meet diverse people, to go beyond the surface, to discover their sincere and authentic side, to photograph it.

” In the last years I worked hard, saved some money and started the project of my life: The Atlas of Beauty.  

” Beauty means diversity and I travel the world to discover it. From Western Europe to African Tribes, and from Rio de Janeiro to China, I try to capture, in my photos, natural and diverse faces.  

” In my opinion, beauty means to keep alive your origins and your culture.  To be natural, sincere, authentic, particular, not necessary fashion.


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Pen drawing of a church + artist Liz Steel

4150_33pctToday’s DT – St. Andrews Church. Showing final drawing above (5.5″x8.5″) plus the line drawing and pencil layout below.  I did some reading today about urban sketching and put the time into a careful (perhaps too careful)  pencil drawing before inking. The inking is rather mechanical, but the result is not bad. That perfectly trimmed tree just in front of the corner is a Streetview artifact – I can’t just walk over and see what’s behind it, in order to drop it or move it, so it kind of sits there rather awkwardly in this picture.  I might have just left it as an outline, perhaps. The lighter treatment of the minister’s residence on the right does provide some sense of depth. I used a finepoint sharpie and .5 mm Staedler drawing pen in this case. ( As are ALL of my drawings this month, this is from a little town called Turiff, Scotland. )



Liz Steel Blurb booksToday’s Artist: LiZ Steel: Sketching wonder-woman. I am totally drawn in by the savoir faire and elan that you will see in Liz Steel’s work. Liz shares so  much of her exciting drawings and thinking on her web site and blog – she has amazing committment and does great drawings.

On her site, among other things : 

  •   she sells 3 Blurb books you can buy at a good price. they are fully viewable free on her site as well
  •   she writes extensively about her work, life and art and how she came to do this from her career as an architect.
  •  she has a very interesting-looking course for purchase
  •  her site has an in-depth 7 part series of articles on fountain pens !

On top of all that her blog is chock full of images and commentary, such as a discussion of her earlier studies in 2000 before she decided to teach urban sketching full-time, seen here:



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Doorway drawing + Alternative homes + decaying post-communist world photos

Today’s DT – Doorway drawing. Pen and pencil crayon.

IMG_4134The plan is to follow my own advice and do drawings from Scotland as seen in Google Streetview every day.

There are obvious short-comings in this sketch – skewed off to one side and shrinking in scale – yikes. I may have to do pencil underdrawings initially for architectural work, and basically be careful with measuring. This first drawing was fun to do however and, like ALL of the others this month is drawn from a little town called Turiff in Scotland.

Scotland is the country of the month for the site “Virtual Paintout” ( mentioned in my blog on Dec 7, 2015 )

Near month-end I will send one or two up to the Virtual Paintout site, if I think they make the grade.


Today’s Site:

ContainerHome_FranceThis unpretentious sounding site has a lot of surprising images showing many kinds of alternative housing, grouped into 24 collections, such as: Container homes ( one is shown here) , Cob homes, Tiny Homes, Barn homes, Bamboo homes, Floating homes . . .


Today’s Artist: Troy Litten

Fascinating photos of post-communist crumbling infrastructure all over eastern Europe and also Cuba. Excellent discovery of design elements everywhere.

Use the “View All” button on his site to get to all of the collections on the site: TroylandButtonJan05



On his site, Mr Litten says:

“I founded Troyland to share my love of travel, photography, and design. My Travel Photo Blog is updated regularly with new photos from both recent trips and my extensive Troyland Archives, travel ephemera collected in over 20 years of traveling the world, works-in-progress, and other fun travel stuff…”

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Some People sketches + Kirsteen Pieterse sculpture + Brooklin Pix + animal trails in the snow

Today’s DT – Sketches of people. These were done outside in warmer weather in a local park. Just people standing around.

All_Jan04 - Copy



kirsteenPieterseToday’s    Artist: Kirsteen Pieterse


“Pieterse’s sculptures and drawings frequently cross over between the disciplines of fine art and architecture. Her drawings are often the starting place for the sculptures, as the drawn structure develops so do the connections to the eventual built form. These built forms resemble scale architectural or engineering models, often employing similar materials and building methods to those seen commonly in the built environment e.g. 19th century constructions, the Brighton Pier and the trestle railway bridges in the west of the United States.”

Interview with some sculptures seen here:



BrooklynPixStreetcarToday’s Site:  BrooklynPix .com . This is a commercial site. Organized by boroughts of Brooklyn, in New York City. It has many uncommon and interesting images. Most of them are watermarked – and of course, the images are for sale.

ThinIceJan04Out and  About.   This image shows the tracks of wild animals across the snow over the ice in our main park – mostly rabbits and hares. Since we have have had only a couple of inches of snow this winter, huge numbers of footprints are abundant in parks and in people’s yards throughout the city. Actual pathways like these are well worn.

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Book on Relief Printmaking + Artist Robin Cole Smith + the Museum of the Romanian Peasant ( really !)

ReliefPrintmakingCoverJan2016Today’s DT – Book Review Relief Printmaking By Ann Westley, Watson Guptil, 2001, 111 pages + related material

I recommend this book which covers every aspect of relief printmaking and some of  its extensions.

It packs a lot of thinking and examples between the covers, including that of many artists,  from active cutting-edge to traditional Japanese practitioners, such as the author herself.

It has technical information directed at printmakers, but any artist will find the complex, colourful images worth their consideration.

It does not stop there, as it has examples and descriptions of combined techniques and innovative approaches, such as a section on artist-printed books and one about innovative print-based work such as huge prints or installations.

Apart from the text and illustrations, it has an index, lists of suppliers, studios, workshops and societies in UK, N. America, Australia.

I found several  artists in this book whom I am planning to look into further and perhaps you will too.  One example is Julian Meredith who made a few life-sized gigantic prints of whales, has also done colossal ( 450 feet long ) earth-works on themes concerning marine animals.

RobinColeSmithToday’s    Artist:Robin Cole Smith

Quoted from her artist statement: “These works represent an exploration of an inner wilderness by way of an outer one; they hinge on my belief that the natural world is not only an inherent part of us as human beings (and we of it), but that it is the original, exquisitely sensitive mirror in which we find our own inner terrain and wildness reflected. My work has always been an act of reverence for the natural world.


MuseumRomanianPeasantToday’s Site: Museum of the Romanian Peasant

This from Wikipedia: ” The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant … One of Europe’s leading museums of popular arts and traditions, it was designated “European Museum of the Year” for 1996.”

Google Art Project shows 150 intriguing object images of masks, pottery, rugs, and jewelry among others. Not a lot, but much of real beauty. I found it hard to track down other good internet information. IMHO The museum’s official site is horrible, telling little, showing PeasantTable_jan2016less. The museum gets good ratings on Trip Advisor, but has a policy of charging outlandish amounts to take pictures, so there are not a lot out there.  Flickr has a few, but nothing really worth it.


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Awa Tsireh + Museum Syndicate Site

Today’s DT – Nothing of mine today.

Awa Tsireh Zuni Shalako FigureToday’s    Artist: Awa Tsireh. This note is from the Smithsonian site:

“The paintings of Awa Tsireh (1898–1955), represent an encounter between the art traditions of native Pueblo peoples in the Southwestern United States and the American modernist art style begun in New York, which spread quickly across the country. Tsireh, also known by his Spanish name, Alfonso Roybal, decorated pottery as a young man on the San Ildefonso Pueblo near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Later, at the encouragement of Anglo patrons, he translated the forms and symbols of his pottery designs into watercolor paintings on paper. His stylized forms echoed the Art Deco aesthetic that was so popular between the two world wars, and his linear compositions appealed to modernist sensibilities.”

Some context for his work is in this (partial) article which shows you the first page of a monograph which is not fully obtainable unless you buy it elsewhere on the internet, but which is of some value as far as it goes.


MuseumSyndicate_02_2016Today’s Site:  MuseumSyndicate. A Virtual Museum Featuring 82,482 Images of Art History and Historical events and places. The images are generally of good quality and are organized into  broad categories. Everything is searchable. ( I found 28 images of today’s artist, Awa Tsireh, for example )

An impressive site for Art History, and History with an enormous scope. Has a free showcasing capacity for artists.
Goals from their About page:

1. To provide an archive of the world’s artistic works and historical artifacts in a single online environment.
2. To provide that service free of charge.
3. To provide the highest level of organization and depth possible, while not compromising ease of use.
4. To ensure the publication of accurate information using credible sources.
5. To allow users the ability to browse artwork and other exhibit items by subject matter through tagging.
6. To help generate interest in history and art on an international level.
7. To introduce new media to the Internet using photography and scanning.
8. To provide a place for living artists to showcase their artwork at no cost.

Scope of this Collection:

“The collection on this website is massive, featuring thousands upon thousands of works of art and antiquities. In addition to archiving existing media that was already available on the Internet, this website also introduced hundreds of images of paintings that were never before available online. For example, this website has the largest online collection of Grant Wood and Edward Hopper art available on the entire Internet. This makes it easier to study various artists, since all of their work can be accessed in one location instead of going around to numerous websites with varying selections.”


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