Image Composer

This is a fun app to explore ways to play with a simple image. I believe Microsoft’s “Image Composer“can be downloaded free from various sites( Google it ) . I got it as an add-on with something called “FrontPage 98” years abo and use it all the time, working in Windows 7 ane earlier.

Below are selected image changes you can make using Image Composer 1.5 ‘s bundled plug-in called “Impressionist”. ( I dont think MS ever developed the software any further .You can make 162 different changes using default settings, as I show below.

A-Cutout A-Original At left is the original image being transformed –  a simple iPhone snap of some grasses beside our house . . .

Below These are various transformations/”Effects” I liked . All are automatically generated by IC. You can make some changes to default settings, such as for a finer brush.

a_cutout Texture Maze





“Texture Maze”

a_cutout Pencil Sketch Soft Detailed  “Pencil Sketch Softe Detailed”

a_cutout Pencil Scribble on Original ” Pencil Scribble on Original”

a_cutout Pencil Crosshatch Silverpoint“Pencil Crosshatch Silverpoint”

a_cutout Paint Hot Swirl “Paint Hot Swirl”

a_cutout Paint Free Daubs “Paint Free Daubs”

a_cutout Ink Detailed Colour Stipple“Ink detailed colour stipple”

a_cutout Geometric Poker Chips “Geometric Poker Chips”


a_cutout Charcoal Scratches on Black “Charcoal Scratches on Black”

a_cutout Chalk Sketch Monochrome Chalk sketch Monochrome