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Pencil study, drawings on glass plus video resource on printmaking

Today’s DT.  Today I did a pencil study in my sketch book from a Flickr group of photos about basically ‘olden days’, typically about 100 years ago.  There are many really intriguing images of people found there, so I will … Continue reading

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Drawings, Linocuts and designer resources

Today’s DT.  These are some  local street scenes I sketched on site in an older part of town in winter.     Details:       Today’s Artist:  Nick Morley is an really fine artist I have followed for a long … Continue reading

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Shoe Store Drawing Completed

Today’s DT. The final state of my drawing, completed today. Size is 10″ x 7″ ( 25.4cm x 18cm ). Media; permanent marker and pencil on Strathmore Bristol vellum paper. Any Google Streetview distortions are intentional, even exaggerated, reflecting my interest … Continue reading

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Nature drawings, a multi-discipline demo site and first steps of a new drawing.

A small urban lake in the northeast part of our city. My wife and I went walking here and also around a second lake this afternoon as the weather was so pleasant for this time of year. We met many … Continue reading

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Old and new xylography meets Face Research

A quiet day to explore Art and related topics. Today’s Artist Link.   In 1633   Hu Zhengyan produced this amazing printed book held at the University of Cambridge and recently digitized. Before this year it had been too delicate to OPEN … Continue reading

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Printmaker, serendipity site and summer scene

Today after school we went with our young granddaughter to attend part of a “day of the dead” celebration hosted at the local university by students from Mexico. Very lively crowd, singing and dancing breaking out etc.. Today’s Artist Link. … Continue reading

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