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Animated GIF drive thru the town of Turiff, Scotland

Today’s DT.  Drive thru Turiff. Not a drawing, but a composite of streetviews. Today I saved, formatted, converted and assembled 200+ individual streetview images into one gif file. One ‘drives’ along the roads of the town starting on one side … Continue reading

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Artist Juan Orsono plus Jameson’s First Shot Film making contest

Today’s DT.  Nothing today. Apologies Today’s    Artist:  Juan Orsono, Columbia, Drawings ( surrealist ) “Most of the works resemble anatomical drawings, are depicted as studies of malformations, of transformed animal or human features, and experiments that lead to unexpected revelations … Continue reading

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Drawing in progress plus Raymond Jungles plus Easter Egg sites

  Today’s DT.  The simple linear transfer of the chestnut branch is done and  the initial background is laid in. I did some reading to brush up about colour layering today. The detail  at left shows that I used 2 … Continue reading

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Peanut drawing, ‘wow’ street sculpture and the Motherlode Web site

Today’s DT. Pretty busy day today. Did these little peanut sketches –  one in pen and one in pencil of some left-over peanut shells as celebrations wind down.    Today’s Artist: Artist: Arne Quinze. This is a note from his … Continue reading

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Digital Painting, Paul Klee and LA Filmmakers

Today’s DT.  Tried doing digital painting of an Italian street scene from Montefalco using an iPad app called “Brushes”. Shown is the result – took about 35 minutes. Fairly happy with using the app which I haven’t used for 4 … Continue reading

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