Animated GIF drive thru the town of Turiff, Scotland

Today’s DT Drive thru Turiff. Not a drawing, but a composite of streetviews.

Today I saved, formatted, converted and assembled 200+ individual streetview images into one gif file. One ‘drives’ along the roads of the town starting on one side and going along the major streets through to the other side at a brisk pace.

This is a 10MB animated GIF, so I’m putting a link here to run it. It will take a while to download and runs for about 32 seconds. This can be saved to a local drive from the internet.


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Artist, Italophile, happily retired software person. I read widely and am constantly finding wonderful things to discover and share. BA in English Literature, Masters in Library Science.
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5 Responses to Animated GIF drive thru the town of Turiff, Scotland

  1. Is this your hometown? I have never been to Scotland but someday time and money permitting I would like to hop the pond and give it a visit.


    • No this is not my town. I live in canada. I picked this Scottish town randomly to do some drawings and so forth. Just to see what Google streetview had to show us and what kinds of things you could do with it.


      • I am just starting to do some street scenes myself, in your experience do you have any towns / cities that you would recommend for reference? I am looking for something with a medieval feel. Where in Canada? I may be running for the border if Trump gets into office 🙂


        • Have you tried looking in various groups on Flickr, such as these:

          As you may know, Flickr groups are photographers from anywhere who take photos of similar subjects. The above URL returns a TON of groups all over Europe, some specializing in just stained glass, or in just one town, or one type of building. Hope that works for you. You don’t have to join a group to see al their photos.

          —- old Canadian, not so much ———————————————-

          You might find something from 18th century in Quebec City in Canada since they have an old part of town from French colonial times. But generally Canada does not go back historically farther than the USA. I think the oldest city in Canada is St. John in the province of New Brunswick on the east coast. I expect it resembes many of the old ports on the US’ east coast.

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