A Mercat Cross and note about Graphic Novelist Jason Lutes

Mercat Cross UnderdrawingToday’s DT – The current state of this drawing is a pencilled under-drawing of the base of the ancient monument as seen in the only Google streetview I could find of it in sunlight with decent cast shadows and good definition of the little crosses and pointy bits.  Took me a lot longer than I had anticipated. Apparently this structure standing in the middle of Castle Street dates back to the 1500s.

Thumbnail_mercat_CrossWhat is this object, you ask ? Here’s the description I found somewhere other than wikipedia, but did not keep the citation…

“A mercat cross is the Scots name for the market cross found frequently in Scottish cities, towns and villages where historically the right to hold a regular market or fair was granted by the monarch, a bishop or a baron. It therefore served a secular purpose as a symbol of authority, and was an indication of a burgh’s relative prosperity. Historically, the term dates from the period before 1707 when Scotland was an independent kingdom, but it has been applied loosely to later structures built in the traditional architectural style of crosses or structures fulfilling the function of marking a settlement’s focal point. Historical documents often refer simply to “the cross” of whichever town or village is mentioned. Today, there are around 126 known examples of extant crosses in Scotland,[1] though the number rises if later imitations are added.”

( ALL of my drawings in January, are from Google streetview of a little town called Turiff, Scotland. )

Today’s Artist. Jason Lutes. Graphic Novelist

Jason Lutes_22From Wikipedia:

Jason Lutes (born December 7, 1967)[1] is an American comics creator. His work is mainly historical fiction, but he also works in traditional fiction. His work includes the Berlin series and Jar of Fools, as well as The Fall (with Ed Brubaker), and many short pieces for anthologies and compilations.


This image at left is from Berlin and gives a taste of the high quality of his work.


You can find a lot of material by just Googling his images.  There’s a short general article on Jason here:


Theres an interesting interview here:



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3 Responses to A Mercat Cross and note about Graphic Novelist Jason Lutes

  1. Like your art. I would like to incorporate more inner city / technical detail into my drawings. Any suggestions for resources or where to start?


    • Try looking into the Flickr Groups related to Urban Sketching. There is a huge variety of approach to inner city drawing/materials/subjects. Then you can find people/groups to follow or to contact etc. One artist who does very cool technical work with pen is Melissa Tubbs – You might want to Google her images and download the large ones as there’s a lot to learn in them. One good book I’m just reading is called “Urban Sketching: the complete guide to techniques” by Thomas Thorspecken – got it from my local library.

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