Bus stop drawing + artist Stefan Bleekrode

IMG_4204Today’s DT – Downtown bus stop. The jagged skyline of the old buildings contrasts with the modern lines of the transit system. I like most aspects of this drawing but parts appear clunky to me, such as the bus shelter, the front leg of which actually does protrude at an angle. Since the other front leg is not visible it looks awkward. It took me about an hour of pencil drawing before I figured the overall image was workable.

It is occurring to me as I do this series, that I might want to do larger drawings of smaller subjects. That way I could develop more sophisticated pen technique by essentially simplifying structure and focussing on interesting depictions of texture and value.

Another alternative could be to be less concerned with structure and ‘correctness’ and go for looser, approximated patterns, use colour and portray things like the curving sweep of a road, or the play of light on the landscape or silhouetted buildings against a sunset – moving more into painting than drawing.

( ALL of my drawings in January, are from Google streetview of a little town called Turiff, Scotland. )


Today’s Artist. Stefan Bleekrode. Cityscapes and Imaginary cities are chief among his drawing motifs. Below this link is the artist’s comment on his site. The detail is from an ink  drawing, of size 50 x 91cm,m representing an imaginary city afte dark.


“Although I started to paint only eight years ago, and being fully self-taught, I’ve been drawing already since the age of ten, creating my own imaginary cities on paper, as a substitute for the passion of travelling that has been with me all my life.


“. . . Over the years, I’ve enhanced my technical abilities and increased the amount of detail in my city drawings or cityscapes as I call them. Nowadays, I create my own world class cities comparable to Paris or London, in the latter I also find most of the inspiration for my paintings.

“Although both sides of my work [ watercolour paintings of mostly urban travel scenes versus large scale ink aerial cityscapes -DT ] appear as the sheer opposites of each other, there are definitely some connections, the love for light and shadows, architecture, a nearly geometric composition and the absence of movement.



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Artist, Italophile, happily retired software person. I read widely and am constantly finding wonderful things to discover and share. BA in English Literature, Masters in Library Science.
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