Nature drawings, a multi-discipline demo site and first steps of a new drawing.

AfternoonWalkA small urban lake in the northeast part of our city. My wife and I went walking here and also around a second lake this afternoon as the weather was so pleasant for this time of year. We met many people walking dogs and a couple of joggers. Saw some rabbit tracks, but they hide in the daytime. They are very easy to spot on this kind of landscape at this time of year as their fur changes to be all white ( from light brown) but there is very little snow on the ground.

 Rebecca ClarkToday’s Artist Link. Rebecca Clark is an artist who does sensitive and observant images of wildlife, including small birds as seen at left. The categories she uses are Sea, Fur, Bird, Bee and Leaf.  Check them out here:


Silk Kimono_ Marbo Barnard Pastel DemoToday’s Tip/Fascinating Site: This is a rich site of many step-by-step art demos and ideas for many visual arts disciplines: Painting, Drawing, Photo/Digital, Sculpture, Printmaking, Pastel and Ceramics.

At left is one image from a demo by Marbo Barnard in her “Silk Kimono Series”.



01Today’s DT. I was able to get some work done on the first of the 2 Lodz drawings. These pictures show processes used. First I taped up my drawing paper to preserve clean edges. I decided on a size of 7 x 10 inches.

 02I selected a portion of the image I wanted to use and then scaled it up to 7″ x 10″ and drew an outline of the main things ( shoes and a knapsack on a shelf behind an iron security grill) in position on tracing paper. Then I drew areas on the back of the tracing paper to make it work like “carbon” paper

03 At this point the tracing paper image is in position and aligned with the taped area.


04The drawing surface after tracing the sketch onto it from the tracing paper.


05The current state of the drawing. I am using black marker pens and pencil for this drawing. You also see the paper at right to protect the drawing surface from my hand while drawing.



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Artist, Italophile, happily retired software person. I read widely and am constantly finding wonderful things to discover and share. BA in English Literature, Masters in Library Science.
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