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Contrasting art experiences plus new works-in-progress

An iPhone image of a small river winding through a nearby prairie valley in Saskatchewan, Canada.  It is now early winter, so all deciduous tress have long dropped their leaves, but serious snow has not started to fall and stay … Continue reading

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Stealing, Trespassing and just hanging out

Nice family brunch today. Our granddaughter is full of games to play at the dining table such as “What is your favourite shopping mall ? – and give 5 reasons why “, or “What place starts with the last letter … Continue reading

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Small drawing, gigantic drawing and good desktop app

Busy day. Visiting main art gallery with Pat Harrison, Italian Class and baked a chocolate cake from scratch for my wife as a surprise birthday present. Actually I had forgotten it was her birthday, so was driven by guilt — … Continue reading

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Old and new xylography meets Face Research

A quiet day to explore Art and related topics. Today’s Artist Link.   In 1633   Hu Zhengyan produced this amazing printed book held at the University of Cambridge and recently digitized. Before this year it had been too delicate to OPEN … Continue reading

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Printmaker, serendipity site and summer scene

Today after school we went with our young granddaughter to attend part of a “day of the dead” celebration hosted at the local university by students from Mexico. Very lively crowd, singing and dancing breaking out etc.. Today’s Artist Link. … Continue reading

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First Post

Hello visitor – Although my interests in Art are wide, I focus on drawings, paintings and some printmaking to explore themes such as these three: How people lived, dressed, posed, played a century ago bright shiny objects seen on Streetview … Continue reading

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